Monday, May 30, 2011

Sun Allah - Bear Armz CD album (1999)

presenting ...Sun Allah (R.I.P.), of the Wu-Fam supergroup Black Rose Family / Population Click.  This guy was one of the most harcore underground rappers to bless the mic, and still not much is known about him.  You can hear him on the Black Rose 'Rose Kartel Order' album; rapping by the name of Lord Baracus. He also laced a hook for Killah Priest 'Behind the Stained Glass' album on track 9 - "Looking Glass." This 1999 album is highly slept on, I don't even think most real Wu-Heads know about this. You can tell this guy was closely inspired by some of Timbo King's (Royal Fam) lyrics...'Never Let a N**** In Yo Biz', "I Don't Give a fuck who you are, who you is" can tell he was pretty young when this album was recorded.  One of the tracks he says 1993... Upon listening to this album fully for the first time, it is evident this is a fulfillment of the insatiable thirst for real hip hop that is lacking in today's music.  Hardcore beats and lyrics.

I thought would share the knowledge of this album with the real Hip Hop/ Wu fans. I bought this CD back in '99-2000 when it was for sale on, with the notion that it could be Wu-related.  And perhaps it could be one of the rarest Wu-Affiliate albums out there.  I've held on to this CD tightly ever since, but just now recently have started to listen. Its definately worth its money.

R.I.P to Allah Sun

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  1. Any chance you'll be putting this beauty up for download fam